Ebook: The Definitive Buyer’s Guide to Elevator Door Lock Monitoring in NYC

The most comprehensive guide to buying elevator door lock monitoring in New York City (for 2020 code).   Details to confirm if you need the upgrade and tactics to get the most for your money. 

Ebook: The Definitive Buyer’s Guide to Elevator Door Lock Monitoring in NYC

What's Inside The Ebook?

Over 3,000 words and 5 sections in our ultimate guide for HOA/CoOp members, unit owners, building managers, and business owners seeking help with this elevator code in NYC. 

Ebook's Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Why Upgrade?

A. What elevator door safety system already exists?
B. Why add an additional safety feature (like Door Lock Monitoring)?
C. What tragic NYC event could have been prevented with Door Lock Monitoring?

Chapter 2 - What is Elevator Door Lock Monitoring?

A. Brief history of door lock monitoring technology
B. How does Door Lock Monitoring work?

Chapter 3 - What is the NYC Code?

A. What is the code?
B. Where can I find the actual law/code?

Chapter 4 - How Will This Impact Me/ My Building?

A. How many elevators will this impact?
B. What will this cost my building?
C. What needs to be complete before the deadline?
D. Why is the code unique?

Chapter 5 - Playbook for Purchasing

A. How can I double check if the upgrade is required in my building?
B. What makes up the cost?
C. How can I reduce material costs?
D. How can I reduce labor costs?
E. Who can install the upgrade?
F. Negotiation tips.

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